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    This is specialized JIGGING ROD series for "SLOW STYLE JIGGING" which is getting very popular around the world especially for bottom fish like GROOPER. Needed hi-repulsive and light weight rod for SLOW STYLE JIGGING, Fuji KR CONCEPT GUIDE SETTING produced great sensitivity and weight saving.Proven performance features include, Sharpen feeling rod blank,...
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    High performance bait casting reel useable not only freshwater but also good for saltwater. It is so lightweight only 184 grams by aluminum body (Main flame and Side plate) and aluminum spool.
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    ELAN series have TWIN-BRAKE SYSTEM, it makes easy-casting .Useable for saltwater fishing by equiped Anti-rust bearings. It is the standard bait casting reel, recommendable beginner to expert, bass fishing to saltwater fishing.
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    KUROSHIO 43PG is medium size spinning reel for offshore fishing, usueable for Casting, Popping game and Jigging game for TUNA, AMBERJACK, YELLOWTAIL, DOLPHINFISH, WAHOO etc…-All of saltwater fishes. It is possible to fight for over 60 pounds class Tuna with 15kg Drag Power.
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    Now "AJING" is going to popular fishing at saltwater game in Japan. "AJI" means Japanese HORSE MACKEREL, so AJING means AJI FISHING using small lures. You may feel whether is it fun for such small game or not? YES certainly, it is so fun and very exciting fineness fishing.
  • 169,00 € Product available with different options
    Product available with different options
    GEKIHA BANKS is versatile fishing rod for Bass, Pearch, Pike and other world freshwater fishes. "BANKS" means shore fishing, this rod will be bring possibility various shore fishing style to you.
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    Ease of use and gave priority to the crisp light & blanchfield enough torque. Luxury and heavy grip design by considering the total balance to its light weight and looks. TI K guide with full. Deployment consideration until the frame weight / size. Designed, including the buzz micro guide concept easier to understand rigs & methods different lineup and...
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    This is exclusive shorefishing model for expert seabass fisherman especially at rock area. Tailwalk has expert seabass fishermen also in KYUSHU area (southern part of Japan) where is the one of famous fishing ground for seabass fishing. 
  • 189,00 € Product available with different options
    Product available with different options
    The are various fields at inshore fishing like SURF, ROCKY AREA, RIVER, etc…and also various kind of game fishes like SEABASS, FLATHEAD, SEABREAM, and FLOUNDER. SHORESTICK series are corresponding to various field and species. It gets sensitivity, good handling, easy to cast even against wind, realized by slim & fast taper rod blank.
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    What is need for SEABASS, FLATFISH fishing on shore ? We need LONG DISTANCE CASTING, SENSITIVITY to feel small bite, LIGHTWEIGHT not be tired on long time fishing, DURABILITY on hard use, ROD POWER against big one.
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    KUROSHIO is STANDARD OFFSHORE CASTING ROD of TAILWALK, rod blank is much tough and strength, good enough ability and quality. There are a lot of testing experience, KUROSHIO caught 50 pounder Amberjack, 100 pounder Yellowfin TUNA, and caught many good fish in past.
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    SALTYSHAPE DASH JIGGING series are for standard jigging game, combines the proven performance features - Very strength and toughness, Move jig as imagination of angler, Good responsibility, Easy handling for beginners but expert anglers consent also. Good for AMBERJACK, YELLOWTAIL, TUNA, GROOPER, and so on.

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