D.O.A. Specials

D.O.A. Specials 

D.O.A. Tough Guy (3/4 oz) represents the perfect silhouette of a small pinfish or perch. With the single upright hook and heavy belly weight, this lure always sits upright... even on the bottom. Freshwater Largemouth Bass to saltwater Grouper to Flounder, if they feed on the bottom, this is the lure for you!

The D.O.A. Softshell Crab (1/4 oz) is a 2” wide tasty morsel with a natural sink rate presentation Redfish or Cobia can’t pass up. Slide it on the surface or work it on the bottom—it gets a predator’s attention!

Want to make your favorite C.A.L. tali into a topwater popper! Now you can with the supper cool D.O.A. ChugHead.

D.O.A. Hot Head offers an eye and color contrast to our C.A.L. series.

  • The D.O.A. Tough Guy Softbaits are built to resemble a baitfish, with a hollow body that works in combination with it's custom hook/weight design to keep it running upright no matter how fast or slow you fish it. For best results, use a loop knot instead of a swivel.