List of products by manufacturer HMKL

  • HMKL K-I MINNOW is a mass-produced version for the original HMKL minnow handmade of balsa wood, and is made up of plastic with tungstenic weight which realized higher castability. Its side eyes create wide and sharp action of darting, and its thin bill makes the action more sensitive.
  • HMKL JIG MINNOW can work in any areas from managed fishing fields to seas. As it has no bill which causes a friction in casting, it allows anglers to attack wide areas where the other minnows of the same size cannot cover. It makes a rapid and tight rolling action when falling (with a line tensioned) and reeling, despite that it has no bill.
  • K-0 WAKEMINNOW 115 has been designed based on K-0 WAKEMINNOW 95 that swims ruffling water, and increased in size and weight. It inherits a wide rolling action of K-0 WAMEMINNOW 95, and allows anglers to retrieve at more wide variety of speed, from slow to medium, than ever.